Will life change if I hire a coach?

Matt Hudson November 4, 2017 Development

Will life change if I hire a coach?

The short and very unfulfilling answer to that question is: not if you don’t want it to.

You can buy the weights and not lift them. Purchase the treadmill and hang your clothes on it. I have too.

Change only occurs because you are committed to it and willing to do the work.

In the attached video, business coach Christina Gradillas and I talk about the concept of coaching. We want to help people explore the deeper question: are you at a point in life where something needs to shift and you aren’t quite sure how to make that shift?

After years of studying and exploring the human condition of performance I have a fundamental belief; We perform in a manner consistent with our identity of self. Our Self-image is built upon our beliefs. Our beliefs change in one of only three ways:

  1. The people we surround ourselves with. Peer groups can be incredibly powerful. You must be diligent in your peer group selection however because all too often excuses become the language of choice. Look around you. Are you inspired? Is life moving in the direction you want? If not, make a change in the people you spend intentional time with. Find a place that pushes you to a better you.
  2. Highly emotional experiences. Unfortunately how most people affect profound change is through profound pain. They wait until “it” gets bad enough and then make a change, but only after change is thrust upon them. Do you want to wait for that?
  3. Hire a coach. There are many different types of coaches. I have my favorites. I’m very demanding in and with my coaching relationships. But I want greatness and am willing to be uncomfortable to create it.

You already know what to do to affect change. You already know what changes you want in your life. How you want to be a better husband, father, sister, friend, business professional. What peace and happiness you want, what you want your bank account to look like. The real question you are asking is, why am I not doing anything about it?

Self-Image. Beliefs.

A great coach will help you discover limiting beliefs and not allow to have excuses. A great coach will help you shift perspective on your self-image.

Naturally, your habits will change. As your habits change, results are produced.

Change what you believe about you, change the results you create.

Coaching isn’t right for everyone, only for those who want to be better.

4 coaches I often refer:

  • Bruce Lund: Intense sales training designed to produce results in a short period of time. Bruce calls his training the P90X of sales. Bruce has his PHD in Human Performance, was a college athlete and demands the greatness from those he coaches for which they profess the desire. bruce@90daysales.com
  • Gargi Argarwala: A powerfully intelligent woman with great insight who has refined her practice to work with people who want to perform at exceptional levels. She is a personal development coach who has her MBA in marketing, a tremendous business acumen, author and speaker. agarwala.gargi9@gmail.com
  • Mike Valentine: Talented and insightful human performance coach whose passion is helping people discover purpose, and take action consistent with said purpose. Mike has coached thousands of people in the Denver area. mike@onpurposenow.com
  • Christina Gradillas: She is a coach at Southwestern Consulting. She is insightful, experienced and talented. She a holistic approach to coaching of coaching the whole person, not just the sales performance. cgradillas@southwesternconsulting.com

Matt Hudson is a performance and business coach, founder and CEO of Colorado Home Realty and a passionate champion for excellence in the real estate industry.

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