The Leadership Void

Matt Hudson July 11, 2017 Development

The Leadership Void

The Leadership Void

Being a great real estate professional is like being a great mountain climbing guide. The professional knows the gear needed, preparation necessary, routes to plan, people to partner with, resources to have lay in wait, pitfalls to lookout for.

The professional knows how to help the client uncover their goals, assess risk, make decisions and meet the objectives. An amateur guesses, fakes their way through, makes costly mistakes and leaves a void in the relationship, a void caused by a lack of leadership.

In the case of weak leadership in a real estate transaction, a client will often dictate the following and the weak agent will acquiesce:

  • When I sell, I want the price of my home to be “X”, I don’t care about the analysis.
  • I don’t want to stage my home.
  • I want it on the market this Friday. (I know today is Wednesday.)
  • I’d like it under contract, immediately.
  • I won’t do any work in preparation.
  • When I buy, I’m going to offer 10% off the asking price (that’s what my co-worker did).
  • I’m going to use a lender I found off the internet who is the least expensive I could find.

Imagine a mountain climbing guide allowing their client to dictate:

  • The altitude for basecamp is going to be “X”, the view is prettier.
  • No Sherpa’s allowed, I want YOU carrying everything.
  • I want gourmet meals every evening, I don’t care if they are heavier and impractical.
  • I must summit in ten days, I don’t care if the normal process takes 60 days.
  • I will not climb with oxygen.

Both the mountain climbing guide and the client will be dead. Yes, dead. Yet, this happens in real estate every day.

A weak real estate agent can cause real estate death for their clients as a result of poor or non-existent leadership. They lack the courage to communicate with conviction, with truth….resulting in mistakes costing clients tens-of-thousands-of-dollars and horrible experiences.


A real estate professional’s job is to lead. True real estate professionals deliver a wonderful experience to and for their clients, not to mention a massive return on investment, and they do so by telling the truth, by leading.

Hold the standards of excellence higher. Expect more of yourself and the people in this industry. Deliver more to your clients and find the courage to tell the truth, always. Because in the end, the truth is always known and from a place of truth, partnership between a professional and a client can flourish.

Clients deserve more.

Agents should be better.

By Matt Hudson
Matt Hudson is a performance and business coach, founder and CEO of Colorado Home Realty and a passionate champion for excellence in the real estate industry.

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