Kate Eastwood

Assistant to Brian, Susie & Debbie

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Who is Kate Eastwood?

Here’s a little snapshot into her life.

(But really, you should get to know her in person.)

Kate was born in the United Kingdom and went to Coventry University for her degree in Business and Finance. Prior to coming to the United States, she worked for IBM (UK) Ltd for 11 years, working through Administration and Customer Service into Project Management, focusing on the large Automotive clients.

In 1998 Kate, her husband and young son decided to move to the United States for a ‘three year’ adventure (as her mother keeps reminding her!). Sixteen years later, she is still enjoying this amazing country, and especially beautiful Colorado!

Kate lived in Chicago, Illinois for the first two years, where she had her daughter, but Colorado has been the best fit for Kate as she loves to be outside.

What Does Kate Do?

Kate was a Real Estate Agent from 2005-2007 in Colorado. She was passionate about the business and is excited to be back, in a supportive role for CHR, within the Concierge Services Team.

She provides leverage to the agents to allow them to focus on key areas of their business. She offers support in a wide range of areas, including marketing, listings, events, mailings, showing settings and system administration. She believes in professionalism and efficiency, striving to give the best service possible. As Real Estate is so varied and agents each have their own style, Kate is flexible and will adapt her work to suit each individual agent’s needs. She enjoys the positive and enthusiastic environment at CHR.

What Else Does Kate Do?

Kate started learning to play the piano five years ago….and is grateful for her polite and patient family! She loves to spend time with her teenagers, along with cooking, baking, hiking, camping with a large group of friends, skiing (with two planks of wood on her feet, rather than one), traveling and enjoying time with friends…and laughing. She is very partial to a good sense of humor! She is also creative, with quilting, photography and she will even admit to knitting!