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Who Exactly is Jackie Farrell?

Here’s a little snapshot into her life.

(But really, you should get to know her in person.)

Although born and raised in Wyoming, Jacquelyn has made Colorado her home for over 30 years and loves it here. Her friendly, outgoing personality serves her well not only in her work, but also in her passion for music and singing.

What Does Jackie Do?

Jacquelyn’s top priority is making herself available to her clients. She has a natural desire to be helpful and to make sure that, whether buying or selling, they feel supported and cared for throughout the entire real estate process. She also places a very high value on relationships and has never met a client that has not become a friend.

What Else Does Jackie Do?

Jacquelyn credits her grandmother for a “wicked sense of humor” and finds that it, combined with open-mindedness and genuine desire to each day be a better person than she was the day before, contributes to her success and happiness. She is inspired by those who serve and show sincere compassion – especially when it’s not convenient or easy – and strives to do the same.

Jacquelyn studied jazz and musical theater at the University of Northern Colorado which has provided many opportunities for performing and traveling over the years including participation in Denver’s The 17th Ave All Stars and over 25 other musical projects.

When not focused on offering the very best service to her clients, you will find Jacquelyn making musical memories with fellow musicians as well as other meaningful ones with friends and family. She also loves to travel and of all the places she’s visited, thinks Ireland is the most magical.


Jacquelyn loves the Boston Red Sox, reading, dogs and is an unapologetic Disney fan. She is most proud of her children, one of whom she and her husband adopted after a few years as foster parents.

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