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Who Exactly is Hanna Joseph?

Here’s a little snapshot into her life.

(But really, you should get to know her in person.)

Hanna grew up in Dublin, Ireland. She met her husband in London, England after attending University where she graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design and Styling. She worked as a Project Manager designing and developing bags , accessories and packaging for high street stores and beauty brands such as TopShop, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Clinique, Dove and Axe. As soon as she had learned to adjust to the Brits she relocated to Colorado with her husband, kids and dog.

What Does Hanna Do?

Having had to make many houses her home, she developed a passion for home staging. Embracing the American entrepreneurial spirit she became a HSR certified Home Stager and Redesigner and opened her own home staging and gift company www.uglyduckstaging.com She loves taking a home from black and white to color and helping homes sell for more money in less time. Along with home staging for CHR agents she also runs a post close marketing program to help agents stay in the forefront of their clients’ minds long after closing. She also is part of the CHR Concierge team helping agents leverage their business through various projects.

Fun Facts About Hanna.

She loves to shop and choose just the right gift for friends and family. Luckily her business allows her to feed her shopping addiction .
Her dog is aptly named Paddy. Her husband thought it was funny, her parents not so much.
She misses the sound of the rain but loves the Colorado sunshine.
Her favorite Irish toast is “May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out.”