Barrie Hudson

Creative Director

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Who Exactly is Barrie Hudson?

Here’s a little snapshot into her life.

(But really, you should get to know her in person.)

Barrie grew up in Silicon Valley and although the tech market beckoned, she departed before the bubble and landed in Durango, Colorado just before the “turn of the century.” Upon meeting her husband Matt, she moved to Denver in 2000 and currently lives in the amazing southwest Denver suburb of Littleton.

Barrie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Menlo College, a small school near her home town of Palo Alto, California.

What Does Barrie Do?

Barrie Hudson is the Director of Marketing for Colorado Home Realty. She leads the marketing team in strategic development and tactical implementation for Colorado Home Realty’s marketing initiatives including the “Marketing Management” program, which is an all-in-one marketing agenda for Colorado Home Realty agents.

Barrie brings years of marketing experience to her position at Colorado Home Realty. Prior to joining her husband Matt in his endeavor to create a better and more efficient real estate business, Barrie held several marketing positions in various industries including the skiing / tourism industry as well as the computer software industry.

What Else Does Barrie Do?

Barrie and Matt have two kids who keep them extremely busy. From baseball to soccer to skiing and traveling the world, there is never a dull moment.

What Are Some Fun Facts About Barrie?

Barrie was raised on a famous street in Palo Alto called Christmas Tree Lane.

One of Barrie’s earliest adventures was traveling to Kenya, Africa at the age of 10, where she discovered a passion for photography while almost being trampled by a herd of elephants.