Save Money with Energy Efficiency

November 27, 2018/by Mike Cooke

There is good news on the energy efficiency front related to residential real estate: Homes have become much more energy efficient. All residential properties consumed 10.58 quadrillion Btu in 1978. In 2005, the number stood at 10.55 quadrillion Btu.

Understanding Market Shifts

October 24, 2018/by Mike Cooke

We’re seeing lots of news recently about a shift in the metro Denver residential real estate market. It’s true! The market IS shifting. However, the portrayal of this shift as reported in the popular media and even by many industry sources contains only a drop of truth in an ocean of misinformation.

Weim & Cheese 2018

October 2, 2018/by Colorado Home Realty

Annual Weim and Cheese event Saturday, October 6, 2018, from 5:00-9:00 pm. We are standing behind a Weimaraners rescue benefit event to raise monies to continue to support the efforts of the Mile High Weimaraner Rescue organization. The Mile High Weimaraner Rescue group, with the support of donations and the community, works to take in abandoned dogs, provide necessary veterinary ...


September 27, 2018/by Colorado Home Realty

Join Colorado Home Realty at this years Goblin Give Out! Wear your Halloween costumes and trick-or-treat at participating merchants throughout Downtown Littleton!


September 21, 2018/by Colorado Home Realty

Give the gift of warmth: donate your unwanted, gently used coats and jackets. All coats and jackets will be donated to the Denver Rescue Mission.

You’re Being Targeted

July 31, 2018/by Mike Cooke

Companies are predicting your likelihood of moving based on big data combined with artificial intelligence and are selling your contact information to real estate agents.


June 28, 2018/by Colorado Home Realty

Fill a backpack is a program that helps provide backpacks filled with school supplies to local children in need. Your support will help a child that is poverty-stricken, homeless, or facing a huge life challenge and without access to basic essentials to be prepared for school.

Protect Yourself from Rampant Wire Fraud

May 15, 2018/by Mike Cooke

We urge all of our clients to follow these precautions when doing a real estate transaction. Beyond that, it’s important to stay vigilant in all your personal and business financial transactions to thwart these corrupt schemes.

Purpose and Prosperity

October 3, 2017/by Matt Hudson

Climb a mountain and your experienced euphoria is not when you get back to the bottom. IT is in the planning, coordinating, hiking, summiting and planning the next one. You get to the top of the mountain and what happens? You sit for 10 minutes, eat a sandwich and say, what’s the next one?

Home Buying 101

September 27, 2017/by Colorado Home Realty

Owning real estate can build wealth, but be a complicated and intimidating process. Come get the simple version and meet some people who can help you learn as much as you need.

The Law of Influence

September 19, 2017/by Matt Hudson

“Watch out for the other guy. Watch out for his interests. Watch his back…The only winning proposition is one hundred percent. Make your win about the other person, go after what he (She) wants. Forget win-win-focus on the other person’s win.”

Your First Domino

Your First Domino

July 25, 2017/by Matt Hudson

Your first domino represents the first choice and the first action toward a particular destination. The point is, dream big, think big! But, act by starting with the most important, consistently applied action and do it every day.

Who Are Your Heroes?

Who Are Your Heroes?

July 18, 2017/by Matt Hudson

Learn to be a true professional at your craft and model your behaviors after those who have paved the way. Learn to be a hero. Be inspired by excellence and the hard work it took to get there.

The Leadership Void

The Leadership Void

July 11, 2017/by Matt Hudson

A real estate professional’s job is to lead. True real estate professionals deliver a wonderful experience to and for their clients, not to mention a massive return on investment, and they do so by telling the truth, by leading.

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