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Who exactly is Jason Zisk


A Colorado native, Jason brings 18 years experience to his real estate career, as well as a thorough knowledge of the state. He is an avid mountain biker and snowboarder, hobby welder, reader, and is most happy being outdoors.

What does Jason do?

Life is full of changes, and changes usually mean our spaces change too. Houses get too small because of a new addition to the family and become too large with the exit of college age children. Relocations, aging parents and more, cause us to re-evaluate our spaces. With so many Realtors it’s hard to choose – but he would love the chance to earn your business. He will educate you on the process and explain the market in detail, both from a macro perspective and neighborhood-by-neighborhood. Much data exists online, but not all of it is current and/or reliable. He shows you exactly what is missing so you can feel confident about your choices, regardless of whether you are moving in a week or in a few years.
It might not be now that you’re looking to make a change but getting started early has many benefits.

What else does Jason do?

Jason attended CU Boulder for his BS in International Business and an emphasis in Japanese language and culture. He feels that having kids, building homes, and confronting difficult circumstances have not only humbled him, but also helped him grow

What are some fun facts about Jason?

Although he will tell you that cattle-ranching is probably not a good hobby, he loves spending time with his family on a friend’s ranch searching for missing cows and helping his kids collect eggs from the chicken coop.
He bet his best friend he’d pay off his student loans faster by going to work on boats after college. This took him on many adventures and across many seas.

While kindness is a trait often assigned to Jason, patience is one of his hard-earned and most valuable strong suits. Whether in business or his personal life, Jason believes patience is the key to success; not forcing outcomes but serving as a guide and counselor. When different markets dictate the need for different strategies and more aggressive approaches, he skillfully gets Buyer’s offers accepted, and Sellers a maximized return. Balancing real estate with quality of life is a big priority; he enjoys the journey of making genuine connections with people throughout the process of buying and selling.

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