Cyndi Perry

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Who exactly is Cyndi Perry


Cyndi was born right here in Littleton and grew up in Highlands Ranch. Her family was one of the first families in Highlands Ranch and they still have the first newspaper. It was only four pages and was all in color! She remembers when Broadway ended at Highlands Ranch Parkway and you had to take a dirt road to get to the mansion. My, how times have changed!

She enjoyed growing up here and spent a few years living in Downtown Denver before moving to Orlando, Florida for a job. She met her husband shortly after moving there and luckily, he was in awe of our beautiful state and they moved back out here to start their family. Moving right back to Highlands Ranch was an easy decision and her kids attend the same elementary school she attended.

Staying busy…

For many years Cyndi worked in car rental in a variety of different management roles. After having her son, she decided to stay home and worked part time for nine years. During that time, she added a baby girl to the family, joined a MOPS group, ran the MOPS group and went back to school to earn a degree in Business Administration. At nine months old, her daughter was diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome, so several years were spent trying to organize all of the doctor appointments and getting her the services she needed. Today, her daughter is small, but healthy and Cyndi works to spread awareness for Noonan Syndrome and other RASopathy syndromes.

At the office…

Cyndi is the Office Manager here at the Highlands Ranch location and is the friendly face you see when you visit our Highlands Ranch office. She answers the phone, manages files, keeps inventory up to date for the office and the agents and helps the agents out with any questions they have. Her experience as an office manager and project manager help to keep things running smoothly.

At home…

Depending on the time of year, weekends are spent at the pool or in the mountains. That is, when she doesn’t have a flag football, baseball, or soccer game to attend. She always roots for the Broncos (yes, she even rooted for Cutler), never misses an episode of The Walking Dead and tries to run 12 races a year, ranging from 5k to half marathon distance. Hope you can keep up!