Alyssa Paschall

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Who exactly is Alyssa Paschall


Alyssa has always been proud to be a native of the great state of Colorado. She was born and raised in Colorado Springs where she studied and attained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in Biology and Chemistry. After college she worked for multiple science based non-profit organizations, including work as an environmental advocate, and research associate. After years of wanting to move to Denver, a work transfer for her husband finally landed them here, where they began to build their home and start a family. She feels incredibly lucky to have spent 2 years devoted to raising her 4-year-old daughter Peyton and 2-year-old son Jackson.

What does Alyssa do?

Alyssa’s passion for science, family, home and most importantly people has given her a truly unique approach and skill set for real estate. There is nothing she loves more than helping people find their home. She will help you balance your wants and needs through both the buying and selling process while guiding you with expert advice each step of the way. Whether you’re looking for a fixer upper with space for a backyard garden, a state of the art energy efficient condo, your first investment property, or getting top dollar for the upgrade from your starter home, she will guide you to ensure that all of your priorities are met. Alyssa and CHR strive to ensure a world class experience for every single client.

What else does Alyssa do?

When Alyssa is not busy rocking the real estate world, you can find her at a yoga class, catching up on Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead with her husband, making a cake for a friend’s birthday, taking her kids on a fun yet educational outing like the zoo, museum or nature hike, or busting her dance moves out with the amazing friends and family she has been blessed with. Alyssa loves to travel and take her family on new adventures, their next trip being Disneyland!

What are some fun facts about Alyssa?

Her favorite time of year is fall when the leaves are changing and her middle name is Autumn.She is an amateur wedding/party planner having planned over 10 weddings for friends and family members always to the encouragement of “You should do this for a living!” Her parties are always Pinterest worthy.

Alyssa is a diehard Harry Potter fan. She and her brother went to every midnight movie and book release of the series. She can beat anyone at Harry Potter trivia including her friend’s teenagers.

Alyssa has 2 beagles, Harry “Potter” and Lyra who lost an eye to cancer this year but is happy, healthy and now really into pirate jokes.

She could spend days at the Museum of Nature and Science.

She is blessed to have married the man who was/is her best friend.

Her favorite time of year is fall when the leaves are changing and her middle name is Autumn.

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