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The most important step of the home buying process, other than picking a skilled agent to represent you, is the pre-purchase home inspection.

An inspection gives you a chance to check out the condition of the house before you’re obligated to go through with the purchase. It gives you a chance to uncover hidden or previously unknown defects. In short, a good inspection can minimize the chance that you get stuck with a lemon.

While inspections are important, they are also one of the most misunderstood issues in real estate. Buyers rarely receive helpful information about the ins and outs of the inspection process.

At Colorado Home Realty, we’ve written a report that gives you seven key insights about the pre-purchase home inspection process including:

  • Using the inspection process to confirm that the seller has made full disclosure, which is required by law but frequently handled in a sloppy way.
  • How to find and hire a qualified inspector.
  • Why a good inspection is like a physical you get from your family practice doctor and what red flags might warrant the need to call in a specialist.
  • Understanding both the scope and the limitations of the typical pre-purchase inspection.
  • The most common items excluded from a normal pre-purchase inspection that you might want to have examined separately.
  • Ensuring you have the contractual rights to terminate the contract without penalty if you don’t like the inspection results.
  • Five popular misconceptions about inspections that will keep you from having false expectations with the whole process.

Get your copy of this valuable report HERE