Excuses Are Destroying Your Potential

Matt Hudson August 23, 2017 Development

Excuses Are Destroying Your Potential

What stops you from taking the action you know will affect the change you want in your life? To run a better business, get in better shape, have healthier relationships?

Lazy? Maybe. It’s possible you are just a slug and aren’t willing to go to work. I believe you are in the minority, and I cannot help you.

For the rest of us, I believe it is one primary and pervasive word. Fear.

But you knew that. You’ve heard it before and know it intuitively, so saying it again isn’t very helpful.

But here is the real question, FEAR of what?

It is our fear of judgment, ridicule, and embarrassment. Fear from loss of love, and comfort of what we know. Humans move toward preserving our safety and that which we have created.

We seek validation and avoid judgment.

For most of us, this is an unconscious life long battle. We know there is something else, another level, a thing we know we want and can pursue and achieve. Something is missing in our life.

And, the ONLY THING holding you back from going after the life you want, is the fear of “what will THEY think”?

Here is the interesting truth: you don’t need the next house, bigger bank account or shinier car. What you really want is to be at peace, to be happy, to be content.

Paradoxically, it is actually our fear of judgment and need for validation that causes our inaction. It is exactly that inaction from which our dissatisfaction and life frustration arises. We want to be able to take the action we want, but we don’t because we are afraid of other peoples’ perspective about us. It is in fact the surrendering to this fear that destroys the human spirit.

If you want a result different than what you know, you MUST take action. The result doesn’t matter, that’s for you to decide. Better health, relationships, spirituality, client relationships, finances.

You must find a way to want that which you profess the desire for, more than you want your comfort, more than you care about others’ opinion. Change must become so important that action isn’t a choice.

How do you find this motivation? Search. Try things. Explore. Be intentional about scaring yourself. And stop surrounding yourself with people who allow you excuses. People who allow you excuses mean well, and they are destroying your potential. They allow your fear to grow and you will never live your life for you.

Surround yourself with performers. With game changers. With risk takers. With people who know that success is about how many times you fail, NOT how perfect your plan.

Stop worrying about “they” and start taking action for you. The life you live. The one you want. And the action you can take today that will produce a result.

Take one step, right now.

By Matt Hudson

Matt Hudson is a performance and business coach, founder and CEO of Colorado Home Realty and a passionate champion for excellence in the real estate industry.

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