A Big Leap

Mike Cooke February 16, 2017 Buying Improvements Market Trends Selling

8% more homes changed hands in January versus January of last year. That is remarkable given that last year was a record setting year for the number of sales.

Buyers Show Up BIG In November

Mike Cooke December 30, 2016 Market Trends

Election results and many other things in life may be unpredictable but the metro Denver residential real estate market is as reliable as a sunrise.

Market Cruising Along

Mike Cooke September 21, 2016 Improvements Market Trends

The August report on performance of the residential real estate market for metro Denver is like hearing a traffic report on a day with an accident free rush hour.


Colorado Home Realty January 4, 2016 Buying Improvements Market Trends Selling

Most people are curious about what luxury living looks like in their neck of the woods. How many millions would it take and what do you get for all those zeros? Let’s looks at some facts for Metro Denver over the last year: Less than 2% of the homes sold over the last twelve months had a price tag of …

Denver Market: Keeping Pace with 2013?

Mike Cooke August 20, 2014 Improvements Market Trends

Keeping pace? I thought the current metro Denver real estate market was better than last year. It is when it comes to increasing prices. However, it is just barely keeping up with another stat from 2013 and that may surprise you.