Save Money with Energy Efficiency

November 27, 2018/by Mike Cooke

There is good news on the energy efficiency front related to residential real estate: Homes have become much more energy efficient. All residential properties consumed 10.58 quadrillion Btu in 1978. In 2005, the number stood at 10.55 quadrillion Btu.

Protect Yourself from Rampant Wire Fraud

May 15, 2018/by Mike Cooke

We urge all of our clients to follow these precautions when doing a real estate transaction. Beyond that, it’s important to stay vigilant in all your personal and business financial transactions to thwart these corrupt schemes.

A Big Leap

February 16, 2017/by Mike Cooke

8% more homes changed hands in January versus January of last year. That is remarkable given that last year was a record setting year for the number of sales.

Market Cruising Along

September 21, 2016/by Mike Cooke

The August report on performance of the residential real estate market for metro Denver is like hearing a traffic report on a day with an accident free rush hour.


January 4, 2016/by Colorado Home Realty

Most people are curious about what luxury living looks like in their neck of the woods. How many millions would it take and what do you get for all those zeros? Let’s looks at some facts for Metro Denver over the last year:   Less than 2% of the homes sold over the last twelve months had a price tag ...

Escalation Clauses …

August 4, 2015/by Mike Cooke

An escalation clause is one way to win the multiple offer battle but it is not without drawbacks. It is just one of many tools we use when helping buyers in today’s market environment.


December 11, 2014/by Mike Cooke

LED technology has evolved to be a viable alternative to regular incandescent light bulbs. They can save you money and can save the planet, so they are "green" in multiple senses of the term.

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