Agent opportunities

What’s the real story

Here’s the deal, you’ve been sold this story before. Every real estate company thinks they are great and they are certainly good at selling their greatness. The problem is, where do they actually add value? Can they really communicate who they are, what they stand for, how they build people or where they are going? Do they believe in anything other than you making them money? Can they demonstrate how they are going to help you evolve or build your career? Can they demonstrate how they are making this industry better for brokers and consumers? Chances are, not.


At CHR we hire character not pedigree, cultural and values, not revenue. We don’t care where you are today or where you come from, we only care about where you are going and whether or not we are able to help you along that journey. We want brokers who believe in being the best or becoming the best. We want brokers who want to live an extraordinary life, are committed to delivery extraordinary experiences and will do what it takes.


Don’t be offended; we don’t want everyone and you may not want us, let’s discover that together. Becoming a broker at CHR requires a personality assessment and multiple interview process. We want to know who you really are, what you really want and how badly you want it. Real estate is only part of your journey. Real estate is only the fuel that furthers the extraordinary life we believe everyone deserves to live. What is your definition of extraordinary? We want to know.


We aren’t here to recruit you…good line, huh? Invest a little time and experience the CHR difference. Living extraordinary isn’t about being at CHR, though CHR might be part of your journey. Our passion is to make this industry better and to help people discover where extraordinary can be found in their life. We demonstrate it in everything we do, including the interview/hiring process. Meet with CHR and you will get referred to other companies to interview, in addition to us. Fill out the personality assessment and we’ll give you an hour or two of coaching conversation to help you make the best possible decision for your real estate career. If we should work together, great, then we will. If we shouldn’t, we’ve made each other better.


Don’t contact us if you aren’t full time at real estate and don’t plan on building a business to sell at least 24 homes a year. CHR brokers are exceptional, make a lot of money and help a lot of people. If you aren’t there today, that’s OK, we’ll help you. However, we want people who are dedicated to this career. Anything short of dedication means a reduction in quality of service to the consumer and at CHR, that’s not OK.


Schedule a time to meet by filling out the personality assessment via the “APPLY HERE” button below. Call with questions, email with thoughts. We look forward to learning from you and contributing to your journey, wherever that may take you.