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Who Exactly is Edgar Allan Larin?

Here’s a little snapshot into his life.

(But really, you should get to know him in person.)

Edgar was born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui. From a young age he was instilled with Aloha Spirit. The Hawaiian philosophy that means mutual regard and affection, extending warmth and care with no obligation in return. It’s with this attitude he treats everyone that makes his acquaintance. When time came to fly the nest, he traded paradise for the desert.

Lessons Learned

Colloquially known as the 9th Island, Las Vegas become home for the next decade. He attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas pursuing a degree in architecture, simultaneously working for Bergman Walls & Associates. When The Great Recession occurred, Edgar was bumped off trajectory and into unemployment. With dwindling resources and lack of opportunity, he took a position working in the service industry. Its here, in The Entertainment Capital of the World, he received an education in world class service. With a flexible schedule this afforded him a commodity that can’t be bought, time. Realizing life is short he set off to see the world. From the Philippines to South Korea, he immersed himself in the traditions of others. His explorations left a lasting impression of appreciation and honor. Fast forward to today and his travels have led him to Denver. Paying homage to his previous career, Edgar has transferred his knowledge to servicing the real estate community. Utilizing all the lessons life has taught him, he applies those same values and principals in creating relationships that deliver the best experience possible to his clients.

Balancing Act

Working is equally as important as playing. Everyone needs an outlet and Edgar has many. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and experiencing the outdoor mecca that Colorado has to offer. Some of his favorite activities include hiking the Boulder Flat Irons, cycling along Cherry Creek or zipping through the Rockies on his motorcycle. But at the end of the day it’s the simple things: good beer, home cooked meals and great people.

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