LED technology has evolved to be a viable alternative to regular incandescent light bulbs. They can save you money and can save the planet, so they are “green” in multiple senses of the term.

Landscaping “Gifts” as Winter Sets In

Everyone knows to winterize sprinkler systems when cold temperatures arrive. However, did you know that your landscaping could benefit also from some winterization and tender loving care during the winter?

Denver Market: Keeping Pace with 2013?

Keeping pace? I thought the current metro Denver real estate market was better than last year. It is when it comes to increasing prices. However, it is just barely keeping up with another stat from 2013 and that may surprise you.

Seller Strategies for Finding A Replacement Home

Right now, sellers can sell quickly and for more than their home has ever been worth in many cases and still have options to implement strategies to protect themselves in case they cannot find an appropriate, exciting or acceptable replacement home.

Buying Beats Renting – Part 2

The increase in property value during the time that you own it can make buying unbelievably more profitable than renting while lack of appreciation does no harm.