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Our Partnership With The Mortgage Company.

CHR has partnered with The Mortgage Company (TMC), a premier Colorado-based mortgage banker, to ensure you receive the same world-class service securing a loan as you get from CHR agents. Whether you seek to finance the purchase of a new home or refinance a property you already own, the loan experts at TMC will meet your needs with the same non-negotiable values and operating philosophies we demonstrate at CHR. You are welcome, of course, to consider other lending partners – and your CHR agent may even recommend alternatives, depending on your unique situation. We welcome that conversation.

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The professionals at TMC are passionate about educating you on the pros and cons of every loan option. Is a VA, FHA or Conventional loan best for your situation? Should you get a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage? Is a 30-year or 15-year term the best fit for your goals and budget? TMC professionals can help you zero-in quickly and efficiently to make a confident decision. Check out the sample Loan Options Report they will happily prepare for you.

Safeguard a Successful Closing with Airtight Financing.

Careless loan processing can actually jeopardize your ability to close. Real estate contracts are governed by deadlines and contingencies. While most contingencies are meant to protect you when a home’s appraised value comes up short of the sales price, or if you cannot qualify for adequate financing, your transaction termination rights expire within a specified timeframe.

After certain deadlines pass, you may be forced to forfeit your earnest money or even get hit with additional penalties if you hold up a closing due to improper loan documentation. The TMC lending team that works with CHR clients is led by people who have been practicing real estate agents in the past. As a result, the whole crew understands and respects the importance of processing your loan according to all critical deadlines.

The Truth about Refinancing: Lower a Monthly Payment or Pay Off a Loan Faster.

While it’s true you can refinance for zero cash out-of-pocket, you’re bound to incur costs in other ways – either a higher loan balance after refinancing or through a higher-than-market interest rate. This is true with any lender – and also true with TMC.

We value the truth – and believe you do, too. So, we asked TMC to create an Insights on Financing Report for CHR clients. TMC can prepare a report like this to show you exactly what a refinance will cost , either directly or indirectly. More importantly, the report will show you the many benefits you’ll enjoy from a wisely-structured refinance. More fine print: Read this blog post, The No-Cost Refinance Gambit, for some eye-opening insights. Then give us a call.



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