Teamwork. World-Class Service.

And most of all – added value.

Real estate professionals often throw these words around without care or understanding for what they truly mean. Every day, many in this business make decisions that fly in the face of these words – turning worthy aspirations into empty clichés.

We are not those people – and we don’t work alongside those people.

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We’ll challenge you to

challenge yourself

It’s ridiculously simple

The hiring profile we honor at Colorado Home Realty isn’t rocket science.

It just takes a little heart.

This business requires determination and courage – and we stand ready to help you find more of both. We’ll provide a multitude of innovative services to support and facilitate your success. Call us if you know it’s time for change. Call us if you’re ready to do whatever it takes (and then do even a little bit more) to be part of something special.

Bring the Passion.

We welcome spirited, full-time producers who are passionate about success – your own and the people around you.

Think Differently.

You take the hill to care for your clients and love to turn conventional wisdom about this business on its head.

Shift the Paradigm.

If you want to do real estate the way it has always been done, or if you’re looking for some silver bullet to a six-figure paycheck, we’re not the brokerage for you.

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Do you aspire to earn a minimum of $100,000 in gross sales commissions each year?

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