Make Required Repairs Before Closing

You may need to complete repairs to your property if you agreed to any such repairs in the contract or if anything has broken during the time you have been under contract. Make any needed repairs prior to closing.

The Condition of Your Property When You Turn It Over to the Buyer

Legally, you are obligated to turn your property over to the buyer in the same condition it was in on the day the offer was made. Additionally, some contracts require the property to be “broom clean”. Even if the contract does not require it, cleaning your house before turning it over to the buyer has some benefits for you.

Getting Ready for the Appraiser

An appraiser may be coming to your house in the near future. Most home sale contracts are contingent on the buyer or the buyer’s lender obtaining an appraisal on your property. Here are some things you’ll be interested to know about appraisers and the appraisal process.

Plan B

You are under contract but not yet closed on the sale of your property. While fairly rare, the contract to sell your home could terminate without a closing as a result of contingencies granted to the buyer. When selling your primary residence, it is especially important to have a “Plan B” in case this happens.

Staying Safe While Selling Your House

Having your house on the market increases the risks of accidental damage, theft, bodily harm and lawsuits from people who get injured on your property. Be sure to take steps to protect yourself.